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 Process Designer, Project Implementation Specialist


When it comes to automation and delegation for small business, no one does it better than Brook Borup. Driven by the desire to see small business owners spend more time away from their business doing what they love, Brook has developed systems and methodologies helping countless business owners around the world do more of what they love. Whether it’s growing your business by passively attracting leads or creating automation sequences to spend less time on marketing, Brook has a back-end tool and knowledge to get your business moving in the right direction.  

"Brook is an amazing lady! Her superpower is creating content and strategies that anyone can understand. Which in today's cluttered marketing world- Has never been more important. I trust her and her staff to advise me on automation, sales pipelines, and general operations. Her impact is immeasurable and truly irreplaceable!"  AZ - Cast Haste CEO


Your Marketing Pantry: How to create fresh content (that works) in less than 10 minutes a day!

Hate writing copy?
Have trouble knowing what to say about your products and services?
Feel like you could use a little help to get more "tell me more" and less sarcastic "that's great" responses?


LinkedIn Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents: Starting and nurturing conversations that convert!

If you could network 24/7 without leaving your home or office how could that change your business…
Using LinkedIn as a tool can help you target the right professionals for your expertise…
It can also help you build your team when it’s time…

If you knew the secrets this social platform has to offer would you still ignore it?
We will be talking about
How to plan for consistency in your posting
How to make your profile stand out and boast credibility
How to use the messaging feature to start the conversations you need to grow your business
If you are wondering how LinkedIn can help you grow more than any other social media I will see you at
this fun session!